Jason Kulangara

Jason Kulangara, RN

Los Angeles, California
United States

I would like to nominate Jason Kulangara for the DAISY Award because of his display of kindness he showed to a young runaway patient we had on our unit. Due to Jason’s relentless pursue to deliver act of kindness, he was instrumental in getting her home to her family in Michigan. If it was not for his persistent and caring, she would have left the hospital AMA. His act of kindness prevented the patient from possibly harming herself, and the family not having the opportunity of getting her back home. The following acts that Jason did I believe, exemplify our hospital mission and vision statement.

Diagnosed with alcohol withdrawal, with attempt to commit suicide by drinking too much. The patient has a history of depression and substance abuse.
• Contacted resident and attendant who gave little support in trying to keep the patient from going AMA.
• Psychiatrist would not be able to see pt on said day
• Jason paged SS to assist
• Able to keep patient from leaving immediately by asking her about her family and next of kin for support.
• Found out patient had no family in California, all family members were in Michigan
• SS was able to contact the family in Michigan and they were more than happy to receive her back.
• Jason collaborated with SS, attendant and family in making arrangement to have her return home.
• Jason convinced the patient that going home was the safest and right thing to do and that her family cared about her.
• After the family made flight arrangements and paid for the ticket, Jason then printed the boarding pass and arranged taxi pick that would take her to LAX. She would not need to obtain a boarding pass he made arrangement for that as well.
• Jason called the family the next day to confirm that she arrived safely in Michigan.
The family and the patient were very grateful for her safe return home. When the patient left she had said “I know I was a handful and rude. I was scared. I was frustrated, but you treated me like a person and not just someone who had problems and didn’t matter. Thank you for convincing me to stay.” Her statement allowed me to believe that we all won in this situation.