Jason Berry

Jason Berry, RN

Neuro/Surgical ICU
Saint Luke's Hospital - Kansas City
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

Jason Berry was nominated for the DAISY Award by a former patient’s daughter. The nomination reads, “On December 19th, my father had a massive hemorrhagic stroke and was sent to St. Luke's via ambulance from Nevada, MO. My father was in NSICU from December 19th to January 3rd and on January 3rd we transferred him to Kansas City Hospice House and on January 5th, he passed away. During my father's "stay" at St. Luke's, there was one particular nurse who really went above and beyond for not only my father but also for our family.

While my father's stroke and eventual death were devastating for our family, Jason Berry (RN), exceeded his responsibilities by providing the highest quality of care to my father while providing emotional support to my family. Jason took the time to explain to us what my father was going through (treatment-wise) and whatever questions he couldn't or didn't feel comfortable answering, he made sure a physician answered our questions as timely as possible. When we decided on January 3rd to disconnect my father from all life-support devices and medications, Jason was very compassionate and made that transition as painless as possible for us (which was impossible but he was still able to help us).

The two things that impressed me the most about Jason (and really about all the St. Luke's NSICU staff, but specifically Jason) was that he treated my father with dignity. Regardless of how small or large of a procedure my father was receiving (from having his bedding changed, rotating my father's positioning, delivering medicine, etc.), Jason called him by name and explained to my father everything that was happening to him. From the time my father was admitted to St. Luke's, he never regained consciousness, but Jason treated him like Dad was awake at every moment. The other thing that makes Jason an exceptional nurse was his ability to show physical and emotional support to my family. When he saw us growing weary, he always shared words of encouragement and at times when we would totally break down, Jason was there with a hug and a few tears in the end as well.

My dad meant everything to my family and to have somebody like Jason providing the quality of care that he did, made us feel that Dad was important to him (and St. Luke's). Jason Berry has more than earned the highest of honors.”

Jason also went to the Hospice House twice to visit the former patient and his family, including a visit on Jason’s own birthday. Shortly after Jason's return home, the family texted Jason to let him know that his patient had died...on Jason’s birthday.”