Jannene Burdick

Jannene Burdick

Jannene Burdick, RN

Behavioral Health
Banner Behavioral Health Hospital
Scottsdale, Arizona
United States

Jannene Burdick is a very special person. My glasses were broken. She looked through the nurse’s station and could not find a replacement. She then went to her car and once again was unable to remedy this. Did she quit at this point like most, No! Not her. The next day she brought me not only glue to fix my glasses but a new pair for back up. And this was on her day off. Outstanding! She is a credit to her career and has touched my heart and rekindled me to my humanity.


Jannene is a lady of great compassion. She truly acknowledges the needs of the patients. She has gone overboard in stepping in when I had issues with my meds. All the patients want her help and she is continually taking a great deal of time with each one. I feel very blessed to have had her as my nurse. Also, I might add, I have seen her stay past her hours to help patients.