Janice Gyamfi

Janice Gyamfi, RN, BSN

AM Admit, Orthopedics
Harborview Medical Center, UW Medicine
Seattle, Washington
United States

Janice Gyamfi ~I've worked with Janice for the past couple of years, but have only recently begun to see what an exceptional nurse she is. She takes patient care very seriously, and is one of the more assertive patient advocates on our staff. I have seen her on many occasions go the extra mile to get the attention of a provider when her instincts tell her something is wrong with a patient. She practices nursing with excellent judgment and humility, and continues to seek out learning opportunities wherever she can. She enjoys her patients, consistently shows compassion for them with an open mind to their situations. As a co-worker, she is supportive, helpful and is often seen as a go-to person for questions. As a person, Janice is genuine, compassionate and thoughtful and I strongly recommend her for the Daisy Award.