Janice Begay

Janice Begay, RN

Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Gilbert, Arizona
United States

April 2010
DAISY Award Recipient
When I think of Janice Begay, I think: See a need, fill a need.
You helped my mother so many times while she was in the hospital. My mom and I would walk the halls together and on many occasions you would run over and help her with her IV line and other medical equipment. You were gentle with my mom. You were kind to both of us. You spoke to us as though we were your friends and we felt your love and compassion. You are a truly wonderful and caring nurse and all nurses should be like you!
Nomination submitted by: Family Member of patient on 4A
Janice Begay, has taken care of numerous patients of mine over many years and she truly is exceptional. She shows compassion for each and every patient. She truly cares for those to the point where she goes the extra mile for them. I have had many patients comment on her extraordinary demeanor and attitude.
I know my patients are in good hands when I see that Janice is caring for them.
Nomination submitted by: Dr. Jon Hodgson