Janet Yutiamco

Janet Yutiamco, RN, BSN

Operating Room
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Janet’s diligence and total commitment to her patients, her RN role and to the doctors, is evident to all who work with her. She is always striving to achieve excellence. Her focus is laser-like, attending to each and every detail, to ensure a safe and effective outcome. She extends herself to provide everything that is needed to keep procedures running smoothly. Janet’s dedication makes it a joy to work with her because she is a well organized, efficient nurse with a methodical approach. She is even-tempered, pleasant to work with. She works harder as well as smarter, always rushing to solve problems before they present. Her routine is to provide for the issues that need to be addressed or attended to. Her skills match her exceptional abilities. She is a very bright, cheerful and committed member of our team.