Janet Stefanelli

Janet Stefanelli, RN

PCC, Orthopaedic Institute
University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center
Towson, Maryland
United States

My mother, who suffers from dementia, depression and macular degeneration, was living in Boston when she suffered a mild stroke. We decided that she needed to be closer so we moved her to Maryland. But I quickly realized that I could not care for my mother on my own. When I reached out for help, Janet Stefanelli immediately offered to help care for my mother.

For the past six months or more, Janet has taken her own time to personally visit my mother on a weekly basis, to take her shopping, take her to doctor's appointments, have a meal or just drive around. Janet has sent her cards just to say "hi;" she draws smiles on her large print calendar to remind her of their visits; she calls ahead of time or "just because" to check in on her.

My mother can complain often and due to her dementia, you hear the complaint over and over again. Janet bought my mother a "gratitude journal" and asked her to write in it on a daily basis, to note what she's grateful for. I admit to having peeked in that journal a few times, and I had to pause and thank God when I read in the journal during one of Janet's absences, "I miss Janet. Janet makes me happy."

Janet has been there for me when either my mother or I made an error with her medications. I have total confidence in Janet's ability to assess the situation and offer a professional recommendation, as well as compassion & understanding to comfort both my mom & I.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Janet does all of this without any expectation or acceptance of payment! Janet has left an indelible mark on my mother and me. We will not forget.