Janet Ruch

Janet Ruch, RN

Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States

In addition to being an excellent clinician, Janet has formed many personal relationships with patients and their families that truely shows the "Heart of Nursing" One time in particular, was with the family of a patient dying of cancer. The patient was going to be extubated and placed on comfort care. Janet was not scheduled to work that day, but decided that she would come to the hospital to be with the family as she had promised. Janet's dedication to the family during this dificult time was very inspiring. She is an encouraging, positive and professional nurse to work with.

Janet Ruch, RN, CICU
Two CICU colleagues described Janet’s efforts to go above and beyond to help a family cope with transitioning their loved one to comfort care. Janet came in on her day off to support the patient and family. One nominee stated, “I felt very inspired by her dedication to help this family through a very difficult situation.”