Janet J. Graham

Janet Graham

Janet J. Graham, LPN

Community Living Center (CLC)
Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center
Spokane, Washington
United States

Janet is a wonderful nurse, who is committed to all of our Veterans.  She comes in to help with functions and activities, bakes cakes (between medication passes) for patient birthdays, and waters the Healing Garden, Janet is a great team player.  Janet makes time to answer call lights and helps out anyone who needs assistance.  Janet has a positive attitude toward all staff members, which rubs off onto others and makes all of us feel positive and happy.  Also, she is the first to ask if anyone needs help with anything.  When the CLC is short staffed, Janet always helps out with all the activities even on her days off.  She is such a blessing!  Janet is an ARMY Veteran and such a caring dedicated nurse who loves our Vets.