Janet Eltorai

Janet Eltorai, RN

Home Health/SNF
Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center
Roseville, California
United States

January DAISY Award Winner
Janet (JP) Eltorai, RN
SNF/HH Liaison

Nominated by: Eriko Nozaki (1S Discharge Planner)
JP has consistently shown compassion, honesty and professionalism to patients, patients’ families and staff. She had specifically helped a patient on 1South who had a craving for M&Ms and soda and she had gone to the store to purchase these items before the patient was discharged. She had also helped a patient who had been in the hospital a long time and was depressed. She assisted the patient in the wheelchair with all his tubings outside. The patient had enjoyed his outdoor experience immensely.

Nominated by: Keith Hoerman, Continuing Care Service Director
JP goes far beyond her role as SNF/Home Health liaison to do whatever it takes to make patients happy. She has done so many things for the benefit of the patients. I will list some of the many things she has done: She has personally bought and delivered Root Beer and M&Ms to a behavioral patient that kept them happy and better behaved. She has also taken patients in a wheelchair outside so their morale could be improved and this also aided in healing and progressing them more quickly. She arranged a wedding in the hospital for a patient who was dying and wanted to be married prior to dying and purchased flowers and a cake. She has personally driven items to patients that have already gone to a SNF including paperwork, glasses left behind, and any particular treats or candy the patient may enjoy that may help in making their discharge to a SNF a more satisfying experience. Sometimes patients are unhappy going to a SNF or returning to a particular SNF they were previously at and JP meets with them and the family personally in the hospital to discuss their concerns and alleviate any concerns she can. Additionally, she follows up with the patient and/or family after they have arrived to the SNF to see how things are going, what concerns they may have, and what she can do to assist in making their stay better. She does any service recovery needed in order to satisfy the patients and/or family.

The contributions JP has made to our patients has been fantastic and she has gone way beyond her job expectations to do so. JP is truly deserving of the DAISY Award because she does things personally to satisfy the patients and it makes a big difference in their hospital stay.