Janet Boaz

Janet Boaz, RN

Post Surgical
Good Shepherd Medical Center - Longview & Marshall
Longview, Texas
United States

Janet has always been a great member of our team. She is committed to the profession of nursing and is an excellent clinician. She stays focused on her patients and family. She helps out wherever needed and will do anything that is asked.

Janet has the unique ability to settle down child, adult, and adolescent alike. She has psych skills that should be mimicked. New nurses could learn how to handle difficult patients or family members. She truly is a wonder!

She is a preceptor that expects the best from her nurses and nurse externs. You always can get the best work from the people she teaches. Always expects more and people under her care. They give her their best effort. She truly loves nursing and if given the opportunity to do any career, she would pick nursing all over again! Janet Boaz commands respect, generous with her time, always has an ear to listen, gives laughter and compassion to staff and patients alike!