Janelle Maag

Janelle Maag

Janelle Maag, RN

Sanford USD Medical Center
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States
Janelle made it so comforting to us. She is very calm and sincere.

My grandma was taken off life support and Janelle made it so comforting to us.  She is very calm and sincere in a situation like this. As we were having to say good-bye, Janelle not only focused on my grandma, but also our whole family. She got ahold of the Chaplin to make sure that I got a prayer rock.  She is so busy and didn’t have to do that, but I will keep that stone forever.   Thank you for caring Janelle.


Janelle is frequently recognized by patients for her caring and compassion.  I recently witnessed Janelle reinforcing the discharge instruction to a patient and patient’s spouse.  She provided excellent instruction and education, with follow up to make sure they understood.  But what struck me was the way in which she showed genuine caring and the amount of gratitude and respect that the patient and spouse had for Janelle.