Janelle Harding

Janelle Harding

Janelle Harding, BSN, RN

Admission Transfer Unit
Lancaster General Health
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
United States
The patient was extremely grateful to Janelle and has a better experience because of Janelle.

Janelle is a wonderful nurse that joined our ATU team over a year ago. Today, there was a patient in her nesting pod 3 & 4 that has recently found out he has pancreatic cancer. He was very young at 47 years old. In the pod, there was a family of a patient that was being extremely loud. Janelle was able to adequately explain the medical information to the patient even over all of the noise. She was able to explain the plan of care and what the next steps will be. She also made the patient as comfortable as possible with blankets, adjusting the bed and even asking the patient if he would like a pair of earplugs. She also was able to explain to the facilitator the situation of this patient and was able to expedite the patient's room assignment. The patient was extremely grateful to Janelle and has a better experience because of Janelle.

This is really just one of the many examples of the great care that Janelle provides. She is extremely thorough in her care. She checks, double checks, and sometimes triple checks orders for her patients. She is not afraid to page doctors or ask questions when she is unsure or does not feel that orders are correct. She truly strives to give her patients the best care possible.

Janelle also recently started on a Preceptor Committee that she jumped into head-first. She is also our Falls Committee Champion and takes her role very seriously. Janelle has a go-getter attitude and consistently suggests new ideas to improve the workflow of our unit. She also recently enrolled in an MSN program and I truly believe she has the attitude and the drive to be a part if nursing administration. Her bedside nursing skills, determination, and caring attitude make her one of the best nurses I know. She is truly an asset to the Admissions Unit team.