Jane Newton

Jane Newton, RN

Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, UW Medicine
Seattle, Washington
United States
She is a shining example of competent, efficient and compassionate nursing care.

Jane is our Charge Nurse and Clinical Coordinator. She is very proactive in the unit and is always available and willing to jump in and help the team when needed. She always works extremely hard and is an advocate for the patients and their families. Jane is caring, dedicated, and intelligent.  

I had the pleasure of precepting with her; I found her to be exceptionally caring towards her patients.  She made them feel accepted and not judged for their actions.  The patients told her things which I believed would not have come as easily if the nurse was anyone else. When I became an ICU nurse, she was one of the nurses I attempted to emulate. 

She listens to and respects her staff! She communicates respectfully and gets her point across. She has a great sense of humor (which in our dept. you have to have in order to survive the busy, hectic day). She makes sure that the patients are safe (that is her number one priority), she takes patients without hesitation; she helps all of the staff out and comes out onto the floor with a smile (that helps to alleviate some of the stress).

Jane Newton is an exceptional RN and CC, exhibiting superior leadership in the critical care setting. She always strives to make sure that the needs of her fellow RN's are met. She takes the extra time to ensure that each patient is safe, comfortable, and receives the best care possible.  She is tireless in her efforts to advocate for both patients and staff on the unit. She is a shining example of competent, efficient and compassionate nursing care.


Not only does Jane provide excellent patient care, she has a great work ethic and works with the people she supervises in a positive way.  

In watching her work with patients, Jane is always very positive with them.  She takes the time to talk with them, finding out about their needs, and making them comfortable.  She really cares about what happens with the patients.  Just yesterday she called the unit on her day off to inquire about a patient that she had been concerned about a couple of days earlier.  When she worked night shift and followed me, I was always glad to see her because I knew the patients would continue to get excellent care. 

Jane also treats the staff on the unit fairly.  I often see her thanking staff for coming in on their days off which makes them feel good about helping out on busy days.  She also works with you to get time off when needed. Her sense of humor makes her always fun to work with. 

Jane really cares about what goes on in the unit, with the employees, patients, and the overall running of the unit.