Jane Beischel

Jane Beischel, RN II

Same Day Surgery
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

Tell us why this nurse is excellent: Jane is an excellent nurse because she uses her experience and professional manner to assure excellent care for any patient in her care. She has excellent clinical skills, able to care for any patient in both pre and post op care areas. Her compassion is evident in the individualized care she gives and customizes for each patient. She is especially good with those with special needs, taking the time to work with the patient and family to plan care that will meet their needs. She identifies and follows thru with situations to see that excellence is achieved and that the needs of the healthcare providers are met along with the satisfaction of the patient and family. The example described below is just one that provides details to describe her excellence.

How does this nurse make a special connection with your family and child?: Jane indentified and began planning care upon receiving a phone request for a preop tour. The mother of a 15 year old young man called to schedule a tour. This was unusual for this age group, so Jane asked the mom some questions about her son. Jane learned the young man had OCD and some anxiety issues and after a bad experience in the dental office he was extremely afraid of his upcoming procedure, to the point that the mom didn't think she would be able to get him in the door.. Jane spent time talking with both the mom and the young man about his concerns and needs. Her attention to detail, acute assessment skills began the process of providing an individualized care for this family.

Share examples of how the nurse educates your family and child: This nurse spent as much time as needed on the phone with this mom and young man to prepare them. They attended the preop class. They also were sent photos of the staff who would care for him to help make him comfortable. Jane assured the patient of what to expect and to share when he felt overwhelmed so she could adjust the situation to his advantage. She individualized his education by the phone calls, preop tour, follow up emails and personal instruction on the day of the procedure. She timed the information in segments that he could tolerate.
Describe a situation during which this nurse made your family and child feel comfortable: This patient was very afraid of coming into the preop prep room. By completing much of the history and information gathering over the phone, it shortened the time needed preop. Jane made arrangments that she could do much of the care in the waiting area if needed. She made arrangements for anesthesia to also gather history before arrival, to decrease talking about the patient infront of him, which increases his anxiety. She arranged for anesthesia and the patient's psychology doctor to speak ahead of time and plan what medication the patient could take before arrival to calm his nerves. She met the family in the lobby and was able to talk with him easily since she had learned his interests. With the trust that she had built up with him before and at initial arrival he was able to move into the preop room. She completed the admission one step at a time, based on the patient's tolerance, allowing him to make decisions when practical. He was allowed to keep his comfort items with him with some special modifications. She cared for him both preop and post op to provide comfort and consistency in his care. She involved other staff by making sure they were educated about the plan of care, and allowed for seamless transition. The patient was very comfortable post op and both the parent and patient expressed satisfaction with the excellent care they received.

Tell us how this nurse includes your family and child in the planning of their care: This nurse learned of the patient's concerns before arrival and was able to plan his care accordingly. One of his concerns was changing his clothes. She arranged for him to wear a button down shirt that would allow access for anesthesia care givers but also let him be comfortable. He was greatly afraid of needles and so a mask induction was arranged. Another of his fears was seeing dental instruments laying on a tray, which he saw as "dirty" to him. His nurse made sure that the doors to the induction room to the OR remained closed while he was there so he did not have to see any of the OR room or set up. This required special planning because one of the rooms had a door that opened prematurely and frequently, By planning ahead she was able to include the patient and families input into the plan of care. Completing much of the history over the phone decreased the time needed preop and allowed more time to acclimate the patient to the environment and care. she was able to meet the time schedule of the OR and the patient needs.