Jane Beal

Jane Beal, RN

Methodist South Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

I have been able to witness the traits and characteristics of what makes an excellent nurse. Jane Beal has been an associate at Methodist South for one year. Jane works on the 3rd floor, Med/Surg unit on the night shift. With Jane’s caring spirit, her patients always have great things to say about her. On several leadership rounds, her patients mentioned her exceptional care and most of all the concern she has for the overall care of her patients.

During one of these rounds a patient’s family member stated that there was one nurse that she would like to commend, Jane. The family member was impressed by Jane’s “old school” way of nursing, her confidence, and positive attitude. The family member was unaware that Jane was new to the nursing profession. I had the opportunity to shadow Jane during her bedside report and as it came to an end, the patient stated in a heart filled tone, “thank you for taking very good care of me”.

Jane is flexible when it comes to her schedule and the needs of the unit. She often works extra shifts whenever the unit is short staffed. Jane takes initiative and is always seeking out educational opportunities in order to grow in her role as a clinician.