Jane Baxter

Jane Baxter, RN

Brighton FirstCare
Maine Medical Center
Portland, Maine
United States

...We recently had a 72 yo female patient who came to BFC with a medical problem that required the patient be transported to MMC ED for evaluation and admission. She brought her 94 yo mother with her on this visit. The patient did not want to stay in the hospital because she did not have anyone to come and take care of her mother.

Jane went above and beyond to assess the woman's family situation. She made numerous phone calls to the mother's doctor and other family members. While she did this she made the mom a snack, made her comfortable on a hall stretcher and toileted her as needed.

The daughter agreed to be admitted and a sibling came to pick up the elderly mother. Without Jane's efforts the patient may have signed out against medical advice and gone home to take care of her mom. The patient's INR ended up being above 8 and she was admitted to MMC. We don't have social services available at BFC, nor do we have a cafeteria open after 1:30 pm. Jane went above and beyond her usual nursing duties to provide for this patient and her mom.