Jan Buchmayer

Jan Buchmayer

Jan Buchmayer, RN

Medical Specialty Clinic
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa
United States
From the first shot to this day, having Jan as my nurse has been an absolute blessing.

Over two years ago, I had a severe asthma flare-up that was eventually diagnosed as ‘severe persistent, uncontrolled allergic asthma.’ As I am a very active person, a yoga and Pilates instructor, this was devastating. A year and a half ago, I was cleared by insurance to receive Xolair injections.

From the first shot to this day, having Jan as my nurse has been an absolute blessing. She has calmly guided me through this pretty awful process in an unfailingly kind, sensitive, understanding, and knowledgeable way. Although I tried to hide it, Jan picked up on the fact that I am needle-phobic. She immediately helped me obtain a prescription for Emla, which has helped enormously with my anxiety. We also worked together to determine the best way to administer the thick and hard-to-push liquid Xolair without pain.

Another day, I shared how much of a burden my UI Choice co-pay ($240 a shot) was to my family. The next time I came in, Jan had researched how to contact the company, which eventually led to them agreeing to give me $10,000 of the drug per year! I like all the (many) doctors I see in the Allergy and Asthma clinics very much, but my condition pretty much has everyone baffled as how to help my constant cough. Listening to me one day, Jan wondered why I had never been referred to pulmonary rehab for any possible tips they might have. She got me a referral, and although we agreed I didn’t need them to help me exercise, they gave me a flutter lung device that helps me clear my lungs and achieve cough-free periods during the day.

In every way, Jan has been an outstanding nurse and caregiver, and I feel lucky to be her patient.