Jamie Marcott

Jamie Marcott

Jamie Marcott, BSN, TNCC, RN

Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Beaumont Hospital - Trenton
Trenton, Michigan
United States

Jamie was one of many excellent nurses to help care for my dad. What makes Jamie so special to me is the way she calmed my parents physically in such a time of frightening uncertainty. With a steady flow of doctors, interns, nurses, phlebotomists etc. my parents were, to say the least, scared.

Jamie came in and totally changed the tone in the room. She began asking them questions. "How long have you been married?" (62 years!) She asked how long they dated, where they met, how was the weather on their wedding day, the dress, the party, etc. My parents both physically calmed down, held hands and actually took a brief nap.

I was able to take a picture of that moment. I will treasure it forever. Thank you, Jamie!