Jamie Larson

Jamie Larson

Jamie Larson, RN

Women's Surgical
Mission Hospital
Asheville, North Carolina
United States
Jamie had an aura of peace, compassion, and calmness about her.

Jamie is very caring and helped me make the perfect bandage for the actual area my infection was in. She was gentle, kind and caring. I appreciate her for helping me get back to being my old self again.


I was admitted to Mission Hospital for a bilateral mastectomy for invasive lobular cancer. Because of the hours logged and experiences had, I kind of feel like an "expert" in the area of what I have come to call "soul care". It is that combination of dealing with the surgery itself, while at the same time dealing with the recent death of a daughter - losing her and finding out I had cancer within several weeks’ time. I've never felt more vulnerable emotionally. 

It was moments after I'd been placed in a room that Jamie Larson arrived - enter "soul care" - like an angel came into my room. Jamie had an aura of peace, compassion, and calmness about her. She was soft-spoken and gentle as she cared for me, almost as if she could anticipate what my needs might be, warm blankets, fresh water, pillows positioned just right, and orange Jell-O, my first food NOT on the list, but she thought I might like it. Both her consideration during night hours by entering quietly and without turning on the bright overheads when she came in. Some people are born to be nurses - and I'm absolutely certain that Jamie Larson is one of them. Lucky Me! Thanks, Jamie, for being so sweet and lovely!