Jami Cornwell

Jami Cornwell

Jami Cornwell, BSN, RN

Olcott Cancer Center
Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital
Bloomington, Indiana
United States
Jami gave me my workbooks and a calendar and has been present throughout my care so far.

I met Jami Cornwell at SIRA, where probably most people meet her, or any of the other folks who assist us patients through the Olcott Center. She is an RN, so there are lots of things she knows about how to help someone fighting breast cancer.

Jami has genuinely convinced me that she is interested in my case.  She is not simply filling a space in order to obtain a paycheck; she really thinks about me and the things I am encountering on this journey.  She thinks about hats/caps/supplies, a thermometer, a cookbook, a wig.  She gave me my workbooks and a calendar and has been present throughout my care so far.  I anticipate that she will continue to be so.

Jami has listened to me when I was griping, she has listened to me cry, she’s listened to me when I was angry or upset; she is doing a job for which she is not titled and likely not paid, that of being a therapist. A person who has been given the diagnosis of breast cancer is not a happy, always pleasant person to be around, but Jami has been here for me.  She listens and knows what questions to ask. I am an attorney, which means I am ready to advocate for myself, just as I’ve advocated for my clients for years. She is patient with me and knowledgeable about what I’m going through. Not even once has she been condescending to me about this path I’m taking, despite my being on a journey I did not plan. She talks to me about decidedly non-breast cancer things and is actually interested in my life. Jami is great. She is the perfect person to be my extraordinary nurse.