James McPhilomy

James McPhilomy, MSN

UPMC Presbyterian
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

... While we had excellent assistance by all personnel at UPMC, from the initial phone in inquiry, consultation and procedure, there was one nurse whose persistence and dedication to his client were extraordinary. Here is our story:

Just prior to Easter by husband arrived at UPMC from West VA with back problems that did not let him sit and allowed for minimal standing time. This condition had been terrorizing for him for about 7 weeks and we were quite desperate since nothing had relieved the situation. A noninvasive procedure in the neuro spine division was an option that that might prove beneficial at this point. The staff made arrangements for the procedure the same day we were there since we were from out of town (5 hours each way) and made arrangements to stay the night. Therein began the typical situation involving Insurance Company Review and Required Consent.

After the office began the endless process of securing review and consent our nurse, James McPhilomy, was introduced to us. He tried all day Thursday afternoon to get a decision from the carrier without success. He was knowledgeable about the procedure and answered any technical questions simply and directly. But he also knew we were far from home, exhausted from the endless pain and mostly needed an insurance decision and needed it right then. We remained in the hotel and James started bright and early Friday morning to secure an expedited decision from the insurance carrier. He moved the process through the logjam by persistence. He called us at the hotel each hour to let us know where the carrier was on the decision path-allowing our hotel to keep our room available. However, the backup plan was unnecessary since James and UPMC prevailed-the insurance committee agreed with the decision and the procedure was completed on Friday mid-afternoon. During the procedure, James was available to me to answer any procedural or pre/post procedural questions as well as to provide a calm presence. Without James' clinical knowledge, his administrative savvy of the insurance process, his persistence and his awareness of the HUMAN condition (ours) this could have been a traumatic time without a successful conclusion. Fortunately for us, James was on duty and rally cared.

We respectfully request that you reward such dedication and caring by James McPhilomy with the DAISY Award. He is an excellent role model for your organization.