Jaime Chavez

Jaime Chavez

Jaime Chavez, RN

Float Pool
Antelope Valley Hospital
Lancaster, California
United States
Jaime would come in and clean me up so quickly and efficiently, that I dubbed his actions shake-and-bake.

Jaime Chavez was spectacular. He had a military type respect and commanding presence.  He was efficient, reliable, and hard-working.  He was a natural leader displayed through his conduct, presence, awareness and quick thinking on his feet.  He really should be a charge nurse and recognized for his outstanding service.


For performance above and beyond the duties assigned to a Registered Nurse, far above outstanding, far above any RN at any Navy Hospital, or at any local hospitals.  I would like to apply that rarest of designations: Noteworthy- to describe noteworthy is to describe someone who holds the rarest of talents.  This recognition is based on Jaime’s natural command ability, the gift of tact, skill with patient care, a knack for multitasking, sense of urgency, capacity to work smoothly with his colleagues, and the competence to selflessly achieve the needs of the many. 

Command ability is seen when Jaime walks into a room and sets the patient at ease with a feeling that he has the situation well under control, bringing with him a near euphoric sense that everything will be just fine.  Tact is also a rare talent where a person can express themselves and can convince anyone to do something deplorable or loathsome and leave them feeling happy to do it.  As patient care goes, command ability and tact bare their sweetest fruit, along with multitasking and a sense of urgency.  He goes about his job quickly and efficiently leaving you feeling cared for and comfortable. 

Even if Jaime’s chatting with someone, answering his phone, or responding to an urgency calling him away, he still promptly returns to accomplish the mission at hand.  Even after I made an occasional mess of things, he would conduct what I call shake-and-bake.  Mostly by himself, but sometimes with help, he would come in and clean me up so quickly and efficiently, that I dubbed his actions shake-and-bake.  He had a nearly magical quality, where ever he was, people seemed to light up around him. 

I have had good RN’s, some were very kind, but there were no RN’s the like of Jaime.  There are very good RN’s in Progressive Care, but none, no matter how good, could compare to Jaime.  I feel it only fitting that he receives a special award for how special an RN he is.  It is only fitting for him to acquire something memorable, something that will remind him for a long time that someone out there appreciated his work.  That’s why I have seen fit to apply for him to receive this very special, very honored recognition.