Jaime Belgram

Jaime Belgram, RN

Seattle Children's
Seattle, Washington
United States

Jaime was our son's night nurse after he went into cardiac arrest and placed on ECMO. This was a very difficult time for our family not knowing what was going to happen, and Jaime was the greatest and most compassionate nurse are family could have ever asked for.

Her skill, dedication, and compassion towards our son and his care were amazing. It helped our family feel comfortable that he was being taken care of to the best of anyone's ability. Jaime knew my son and his care almost as much as his own family did.

She advocated for his care. When my son was being weaned off medication she made sure it was in the easiest way for my son to transition and to handle the weaning process. She listened to our family and made sure we were a part of his care "team" as much as anybody else.

In the month that my son was in the CICU my wife never left his room to come home, but with Jaime as his nurse my wife felt comfortable enough to leave the hospital for the night to come home.

Even when Jaime was not our son's nurse she made sure she stopped by his room to check on his progress and how we were doing. Having a nurse like Jaime puts a family at ease in such a difficult time. She made this hospital stay so much easier.

Our family cannot thank Jaime enough for her wonderful care that she provided for my son. My son is where he is today in his care not just because of the doctors and the surgeons, but because of wonderful nurses like Jaime who take such good care of their patients and treat them like they were their own child.