Jael Artusy

Jael Artusy

Jael Artusy, RN

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Santa Rosa, California
United States

We have a patient in our department who has been with us for over a month. She is 41 years old with metastatic cervical cancer and a complicated abdominal wound. She has been very withdrawn, wasn't engaging with staff and wasn't participating in her care. She was refusing many medications and nursing procedures and was experiencing a great amount of anxiety. All in all, a fairly difficult patient to care for.

Jael was assigned to this patient for the night shift. She took the time to sit down with her and ask her what exactly was causing her so much anxiety. She then helped her write down every single fear and concern she had about her condition and the treatments she had gone through so far, and what was to come for her in the future. She also wrote down an entire page of questions that the patient had. These questions and concerns were put on the front of the chart by Jael, where they could be addressed by the doctors involved in her care. The patient has become much more engaged, walking in the halls, eating more, participating in her care and just generally being more cooperative and pleasant.

Jael deserves the DAISY award because this act of kindness and caring goes way beyond everyday nursing care, at a time when we don't have much time to do things like this. Jael made the time and I believe this was a huge step forward for the patient.