Jacquelyn Pendergraft
September 2017
Jackson County Memorial Hospital
United States




Thank you, Jacquelyn.  As you told me, M would have died. Had you not told us of her critical condition, she might not have lived longer. How can I put enough emphasis on "thank you" to convey the appreciation in our hearts? We love you for doing for M what needed to be done.

Jacquelyn is a wonderful and caring nurse. She explained things so well and helped us make some very difficult decisions.


As a CCRN Jacquelyn demonstrates her commitment to critical care nursing on a daily basis. She develops special connections with her patients because that is who she is as a nurse and a person. She cares deeply about them as individuals and will often go above and beyond; collaborating with others, to ensure their needs will be met in any aspect of their lives that will impact their recovery. Jacquelyn is a true DAISY Nurse; a nurse whose career is her calling. We are so happy that she continues to be a member of our ICU team and that JCMH is her hospital.