Jacqueline Wozniak

Jacqueline Wozniak, RN, BSN, RNC

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital
Hinsdale, Illinois
United States

The Women and Children’s Service Department is honored to nominate Jacqui Wozniak , RN, BSN, RNC from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to receive the Daisy Award.
Jacqui’s passion for her patients and their families, demonstration of excellent clinical skills, and professional interactions are evident in many aspects.
Jacqui is one of our NICU level III nurses. She recently achieved NICU Level III certification from the National Certification Corporation for Neonatal Nursing Specialty. She is involved in the Multidisciplinary Plan of Care and is one of the NICU Discharge Coordinators. Jacqui provides evidenced-based quality care to the tiniest patients at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. She is a teacher, role model and mentor with the recent evidence based practice approach implemented in the NICU on Developmental Care. Jacqui was one of the speakers who shared the knowledge she learned from the national conference she attended related to developmental care and has conducted research to support this practice. Jacqui led and guided the entire OB staff to meet compliance with the State required APORS reporting.
Patients have expressed their appreciation of Jacqui’s compassionate approach and making them feel important whether she is their baby’s nurse, discharge coordinator or somebody who just lent a helping hand at that moment when help was needed. Jacqui conducts discharge calls and being a nurse, to her, is having that special feeling knowing you made a difference in someone’s life after a patient acknowledges with a simple “thank you”. She conveys to her co-workers their recognition received from the parents during the discharge calls by posting staff’s names on our recognition board.
Jacqui is a well respected leader. She is the champion of the service pillar in the NICU and one of the unit’s Magnet representative. She led the team to practice AIDET principles and participated in the creation of guidelines to use when conducting hourly rounding. Jacqui is someone who is everyone’s friend in the unit. She is always willing to lend a hand with patient care or an ear to listen to co-worker’s frustrations and achievements.
We are deeply grateful for Jacqui’s commitment to the nursing profession.