Jacqueline Becker

Jacqueline Becker

Jacqueline Becker, BSN, RN

7th Medical
Mayo Clinic Health System: Franciscan Healthcare - LaCrosse
La Crosse, Wisconsin
United States
Jackie eases pain, personifies genuine empathy, and leaves everyone with a sense that she was there just for them.

I am not quite sure where to begin when describing just how valuable Jackie is as a nurse, coworker, and person. In all my years, I have never met a person such as Jackie; one that so effortlessly embodies not only a professional but a mentor and a friend. The kicker is that she isn't this special nurse to just me; she is this nurse to EVERYONE!! It is impossible to work with Jackie without being amazed, daily, at whom she is and what she does for those around her. It doesn't matter if you are a patient, family member, coworker, manager, or stranger off the street. I have seen all people in all roles be affected by her. It doesn't matter how long or short of time you've known Jackie. It doesn't matter if the floor is busy or calm. Nothing changes how Jackie operates. When people encounter her, they instantly feel better. She creates smiles. She makes people laugh, no matter their mood going into the day. Jackie eases pain, personifies genuine empathy, and leaves everyone with a sense that she was there just for them.

Jackie has been an RN for 44+ years. She has been the direct source of happiness and satisfaction for countless patients and family members at some of the neediest periods of their life. Nobody meets Jackie without remembering her from then on. I honestly cannot express in words how truly special she is as a nurse and soul healer. I am honored to have met and worked with her in my career.

I want to give just one example among thousands. A few months ago I witnessed Jackie working with a patient and the patient's family who were experiencing the patient's end of life. They were all heartbroken with sorrow and didn't know how to handle it. For days before, the room had been quiet. Staff went in and out and tried their best to comfort the family and help the patient with what they could offer, but grieving and silence persisted. The patient was a younger man and was dying well before his normal expected lifespan. On the weekend, Jackie's shift started and she was assigned to the patient. I kid you not, within an hour of her meeting the patient and family they were laughing! They were talking, joking, feeling positive, engaging with each other and as I walked into that room, I saw the patient and he was smiling. He hadn't smiled in days, and he was smiling. It was all Jackie.

I heard of his passing shortly thereafter and I knew he and the family were more at peace because of our amazing nurse.

Jacqueline received many nominations from her co-workers who expressed their admiration and appreciation for everything she does for her patients, their families, her coworkers and anyone she comes in contact with. She is an important role model and an asset to everyone around her.