Jackie Bongart

Jackie Bongart

Jackie Bongart, BSN, RN, CBC

Mother-Baby Unit
Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Jackie was compassionate, thoughtful, entertaining, knowledgeable and most of all, always there.

I had the pleasure of having Jackie take care of me three different times after the births of my three children. The first time I met Jackie, I was a first-time mom who didn't realize the impact that delivering a baby would have on my body and Jackie helped me to recover.  She helped me when I had to go to the bathroom and stayed right outside the door the first time I took a shower.  She answered all my embarrassing questions and made sure that I was set with all my supplies when it was time to leave.

The second time I met Jackie, she was the one who made me get up after I had my C-section.  She walked beside me, held my arm and pushed me to keep going.  The day before I was supposed to leave, my son was admitted to the NICU and Jackie was not only there to take care of me but she also assured me that my son was in the best hands possible. During this stay, I learned a lot about Jackie and her two daughters and her granddaughter, who clearly was the light of her life.

The third time I met Jackie, I was so excited to see that she would once again be my nurse.  Every time her shift started and she would come in to see how I was doing, I automatically felt calmer.  Whenever her shift was over and she would head home, I was sad to see her go.  I remember Jackie being so amazed when I asked her about her granddaughter and how she was doing or that I remembered where she lived and how far she drove to work.  I told her that I always remember things about people who are special to me.

Although Jackie had many patients, she made me feel like nothing I asked or needed was too much.  She was compassionate, thoughtful, entertaining, knowledgeable and most of all, always there.  She would make sure that I ate something before I took my medicine or had gotten out of bed recently. No matter what was going on outside of my room, whether within the hospital or at home, Jackie made me feel like my care came first.

Jackie is not only an incredible nurse, but it is clear that she loves what she does.  Out of all the nurses that I have had during my stays at Einstein, Jackie is the one who I will always remember.  I'm so thankful she was mine.