Iris Ballerino

Iris Ballerino

Iris Ballerino, RN

Postpartum Unit
CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital - South
Corpus Christi, Texas
United States

This is my first pregnancy and I was nervous and scared at 35 years old. Iris eased my nervousness and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. She gave me great tips and advice about the concerns I was having. I have never enjoyed staying at the hospital until now. Thank you for making my delivery experience so memorable.

Iris has a very motherly instinct about her that comforts all. She also displays a caring attitude and genuine concern for all who are around her. Being that I am in law enforcement and see all types of people every day, I have yet to meet anyone like Iris. She is the mother that everyone would want, her dedication to her patients, their family and her position is extremely high and it is very obvious to all around her. I believe she is a role model for all and should receive recognition.

A patient's baby was transferred to Driscoll Hospital for a higher level of care. The patient needed to see her baby, as the baby was in critical condition. The patient could not be discharged as she was delivered by C-Section that morning. Without hesitation, Iris volunteered to go with the patient via ambulance to see her baby. Iris went above and beyond to give compassionate care to this mother. Iris and the patient will remember this special bond, as the patient would not have been able to see her baby without Iris.