Injoo Heo

Injoo Heo, BSN

4 South Med/Surg, Transplant unit
Westchester Medical Center
Valhalla, New York
United States

Many of those who know and work with Injoo describe her as the "calm in the storm". The storms on this unit are intense and require sound clinical judgement, compassion for patients and families, and team work.

Recently Injoo had a patient who had a cardiac arrest. She initiated ACLS. She quietly stayed with the family answering their questions, supporting them with the changes their father was going through. The patient experienced a second cardiac arrest. At this time the family decided to stop the code. Injoo never wavered in her compassion for this patient, treating him with all the dignity as if he were her own family member.

She had kind words for the PCA that was assigned to the patient sensing her need for support.

Injoo is that nurse who quietly hears that slight emergency, that concern of the new graduate nurse and wanders over to assist in any way she can. She is there when they get scared, when a difficult patient gets out of control, she is there modeling her quiet caring manner for the new nurses while calming that scared patient.