Inga Burkhart

Inga Burkhart

Inga Burkhart, RN, BSN

Med/Surg Oncology
Madigan Army Medical Center
Tacoma, Washington
United States
Inga was holding his hand in hers and stroking his wrist with her other hand.

My Dad, age 74, fell in July and suffered a severe brain injury. After months of procedures, surgeries, and too many hurdles, he was placed on comfort care on 6N at Madigan in March.

In the early hours, Inga Burkhart called me to say that his breathing had become labored and irregular and that he would not live much longer.  I live about 30 miles away, and Inga asked me if I wanted to try and make it in.  She then held the phone to his ear so that I could speak to him, assure him of my love and tell him that I was on my way. I then asked Inga to call my Mom and sister, so they could speak to him too.

When I arrived, he had already passed. As I walked in, I saw Inga still seated at the bedside, waiting for me. She was holding his hand in hers and stroking his wrist with her other hand. Such a tender sight. If my Dad was conscious at the end, and he might have been a little, he so would have been comforted by that.

Inga respectfully and compassionately relayed the details of his last minutes. My Mom, sister and I will be forever grateful for the care Inga gave my Dad. We take tremendous comfort in knowing that Inga was with him at the end. Thank you for the opportunity to nominate Inga Burkhart for the DAISY Award. She is very deserving of the honor!