August 2020
Infection Prevention Team
at Boston Medical Center
Infection Prevention Disease
Boston Medical Center
Cathy Korn, MPH;
Deborah Lichtenberg, BSN, RN;
Jacqueline Steiner, BSN, RN;
Connie Schmidt, BSN, RN;
Cassandra Pierre, MD;
Allison Nelson, MD;
Nahid Bhadelia, MD




Long before COVID, the bed control team and infection control nurses had partnered in an attempt to minimize staff and patient exposures to infectious disease, while maximizing the use of our beds, especially our private rooms which we know are always in high demand. The infection control nurses field pages, emails, and phone calls from bed control about ID related issues such as safe cohorting of patients, removal of precautions, and the most up to date information each flu and respiratory season. As COVID surged the bed control nurses again leaned on the infection control nurses who offered ongoing education and support to bed control. They were dependable and timely in responding to bed control. Always professional and even-tempered even during the most stressful of situations at the height of the COVID surge, partnering with bed control to place patients in the timeliest and safest manner. They went the extra mile to help mitigate ordering issues related to the COVID swabs, removal of infection banners, guidance about isolation precautions, and completing countless chart reviews in an effort to minimize COVID exposures. They helped to ease the minds of the bed control nurses and admitting staff members placing the patients as well as the receiving nurses caring for the patients. Thank you for your partnership with the bed control team.