Imelda Casila

Imelda Casila

Imelda Casila, BSN, RN

Pediatric Clinic
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Saudi Arabia

Imelda Casila works in the Pediatric Clinic for 7 years now; she proves to be competent and courageous to act as a resource nurse in the unit. As a resource nurse, she empowers and engages staff nurses in decision making related to patient care and nursing practice. In addition, her sound knowledge of disease management helps her to have a good clinical judgment.

Her experience enhanced her knowledge, skills, and competencies to function as a GT nurse. As a matter of fact, she is the first staff nurse in Pediatric Clinic trained and certified to be the Gastrostomy Tube Nurse. She is currently the unit resource and was instrumental in this procedure. Her interprofessional communication and collaboration lead to the positive outcome in patient care. Currently, patients from all Outpatient Clinics both adult and pediatric are now being transferred to Pediatric Clinic. As a Gastrostomy Tube Nurse there were challenges especially with the adult population, but with her dedication and hard work, she was able to surpass those challenges. At present, there is an increase in the number of patients that demands her expertise.

As a resource GT nurse in Pediatric Clinic, her compassion to the patient is very evident. She accommodates walk-in patients which require immediate care and even extends her duty hours to attend to patients without any complaints. She always addresses any issues and concern for the patient, makes recommendation and suggestion, and find ways to resolve till the patient is satisfied.

Imelda leads on monitoring patient satisfaction and makes recommendations and actions to the unit staff. She actively participates in awareness days such as Spina Bifida, Hand Hygiene and Pediatric Awareness Day. She went beyond what is expected of her as a staff nurse, she was greatly involved in the Surgical Clerkship Examination (OSCE).

She always advocates for patients safety and quality of care. Her collaboration and good relationship with the interdisciplinary team always produce a positive outcome in patients care. She is resourceful and diligent which helped her to perform an extremely effective job.

Last December 2016 during our unit end celebration, she was recognized by the Pediatric staff and awarded a certificate for being the “BEST STAFF NURSE & PERCEPTOR”.

Her colleagues nominated her by saying:

“I voted her as a preceptor because I observed that she willingly answers questions, asked questions for the right reasons. Remembers what it was like to be a student. Supervises but takes a step back.

“She is very accommodating, responsible, and approachable to the patient and family. She is very friendly also with co-staff. She is always ready to help. Respectful to everyone and most of all she is very intelligent.”

“She is always willing to help other colleagues, hard worker. No complaints, easy to approach for any questions. She has lots of responsibilities in the unit.”

“She is just a unique person who is open-minded and has a kind heart personality. She is very helpful and true to herself. She never fails to lend a hand/help in terms of work and even gave some advice to awaken my sleeping soul. She is just a simple nurse but for me, she is the best staff nurse.”

“I’ve seen her how she orients new staff, she is very good.”


Our CNC said:

“Amy has been a gastrostomy nurse specialist at the pediatric clinic at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh.

Amy has a positive attitude going above and beyond for her patients. She goes beyond her daily duties to make sure that everyone is having a great day, patients and colleagues alike. She is one of a kind person. She works hard and is very professional. A person like her is hard to find and I am blessed to know her.  She is always happy and ready to work!

She is a strong advocate for her tiny patients and skilled with the beautiful ability to maintain relationships long after a patient is leaving the clinic.

The mother stated that she is one of the most caring nurses they have encountered in a long time. She took excellent care of the patient and they felt comfortable. She showed them how to take care of the gastrostomy tube and how to take care of the patient that made them feel comfortable. Her personal connection with her patients showed how much she cared. Her patients left the clinic with a smile and a good feeling in the heart.

She is not only kind to her patients, but she goes out of her way to be an outstanding co-worker and peer.”

Initially, when we started this GT change in our unit after Surgical Clinic she was the only one handling all these cases. But since the number of patients coming in increased tremendously, we have trained more staff. But despite that, most of the patient is coming to her for assistance. WHY? because she had been very patient and accommodating even with those father who is always bugging her for additional supply no matter how much time she spent with them previously educating them and giving them instruction. And most of this father will just come in even without an appointment or they were just seen recently and given 6mos appointment which is the standard required time for GT change. They will appear in front of her monthly. And they will always request for her assistance.

In most cases like this with the other nurses, they will either seek my assistance to do the thorough explanation to the parents as sometimes parents turn aggressive when their request was not granted or may have asked Patient Relation to help them out. For her even though these parents voice is loud and already upset she would face them calmly and still with a smile on her face explaining things all over again. The whole time she was with the institution, not even once have I seen her get mad or answer back even on her tough days in the clinic. She would even skip or delay her break or even at the last hour of her duty she will always find time to accommodate them.

We are proud and fortunate to have her in our Pediatric team.