October 2017
ICU Team at
Aurora Medical Center - Oshkosh
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Aurora Medical Center - Oshkosh
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A patient in the ICU was end stage with her disease and it became evident she was probably not going to survive for long. Her goal was to live long enough to see her daughter be married.

ICU staff wanted to help arrange the daughter's wedding to be performed that afternoon in the ICU. They arranged for an officiant to come. Staff went to Festival and purchased a cake and had them make it into a wedding cake with her daughter and her fiancé's name on it. The wedding took place in the patient's room with cake to celebrate.

The following day the patient was changed to comfort care and passed away shortly after. The ICU staff was able to grant the patient's last wish and be part of the celebration. The was a great example of holistic care provided to the patient and family.

Team Members honored with this DAISY TEAM Award:

Becky Stenerson, RN

Terrie Gomoll, RN

Jayme Giannopoulos, RN

Brittany Higgins, RN

Amanda Vandenbosch, CNA/HUC

Katie Donnelly, RN

Pam Gercz, RN

Lindsey Billington, RN