ICU Nurses at Beaumont Hospital - Trenton

Amanda Wilson and Adam Ochs

ICU Nurses at Beaumont Hospital - Trenton

Beaumont Hospital - Trenton
Trenton, Michigan
United States
Amanda Wilson, RN; Jamie Rhodes, RN; Adam Ochs, RN; Dr. Janineh; Dr. Lewis

I brought my husband, C into the ER for pain in his right leg, at a "10". A week prior to this we attended a Tiger's baseball game.  While going to his seat, his foot had hit another person's foot causing C to hit his right shin on the seat in front of him.  It caused a scratch on his shin, we cleaned it and thought all was okay.  He went away for a few days and when he came back he was in pain.  Our doctor recommended we go to be sure all was okay. The ER kept him due to the amount of pain and that it covered more than half his leg.  The next day he started to get worse and the following morning he was moved to ICU. At that time Jamie came into play.  C was having issues breathing and he was put on oxygen.  C did not want to keep the oxygen mask on his face and it was a struggle keeping him breathing properly.  Jamie was doing her best to keep him from taking the mask off and spent a lot of time with him and myself regarding this.  As Jamie did what she needed to do as his nurse at the time, I also helped to keep his hands off the mask.  After a while of trying to keep the mask on him, the doctor decided the only way they could keep him breathing was to put a tube down his throat.  Jamie talked to me about it and assured me this was the only way at this time, as C needed to have the oxygen.  Jamie kept me going with her encouragement.  At this point, C was declining fast and Jamie did a great job helping me keep it together.  I left the room and C was put into an induced coma and put on oxygen.  Jamie took care of him the rest of the day.  At this point his kidneys started to shut down, his heart rate was not good and his BP kept getting too low.  Things were not looking good.  The scratch became sepsis and it went through his body.  He was hooked up to many machines that were keeping him going.  I cannot thank Jamie enough for the care she gave to C and myself as well.  The next day Dr. Zachary Lewis and Dr. Ined Janineh examined the leg which showed to be full of infection at this time.  It was explained to me and C's children, if they did not go in and take out the infection C could not make it.  There was also a chance he may not make it through the surgery.  I let the doctors know this was all in God's hands at this point and to take him to surgery.  Jamie became a big part of my life while C was in the ICU unit.

Amanda was next in the picture.  Amanda was C's nurse so much of the time as well.  When he went down to surgery, she assured me I made the right decision.  She talked to me to calm me as they were taking him to surgery.  Amanda gave me so much encouragement and personal care.  She was there so much of the time taking care of C, I began to lean on her for support.  She told me the right questions to ask, she encouraged me to participate in the daily evaluation so I could ask questions and get as much information.  She encouraged me to ask if I did not understand.  She explained and answered any questions I had, making sure I understood what was going on at all times.  I received hugs when I was down or afraid.

Amanda is very compassionate person and really cares for her patients in the right way.  Before she would go to lunch or break, she would let me know who to see if there was a concern.  Again, I cannot thank her enough for everything she did and for being a big part of my life as well while in the ICU unit.  Once C was moved to the next level down, Amanda stopped to see him and to check on him as well.  C lost most of his sight through this but knew Amanda's voice and was moved she came to see him in the unit.

Adam is such a great person as well.  C was on continuous dialysis for 3 days.  Adam's knowledge of the dialysis machine was astronomical.  I had so many questions about what was going on.  He took the time to explain each and everything about the machine and what it was doing for C.  He genuinely cared that I knew what the process was and what they were looking for daily.

Doctors Lewis and Janineh are two of the best surgeons I have come to know.  Both would take me aside several times to explain what was needed, did I have questions, was I okay myself, how important it was I understand what was going on.  Both have the best bedside manner I have ever witnessed.  Their compassion towards me gave me the comfort I needed at a very stressful time. I was not sure for the first week, whether C would make it or not.  They assured me daily of the chances for him, were honest with me and provided me with any information they could.

Today, C is still seeing Dr. Janineh for the continuing care of the leg.  They saved his leg and he is doing much better.  He was in the hospital for over 3 months and then sent to rehab.

Please know the entire staff did a great job, but I felt compelled to bring these people to your attention.  I could not have asked for a better team of nurses and doctors to take care of my husband.  God put them in our path.  It was God's will for them to be there when this happened and He provided the right people for the situation.  I trust in God with all my heart and know that is what happened.  I have no doubt He placed them there for us on those days and I thank Him for that as it was His will.