ICU Charge Nurses
May 2017
ICU Charge Nurses
at Longmont United
Longmont United Hospital
United States




Our ICU Charge Nurses are incredible. Over the past year our team has spearheaded and audited many of the ICU initiatives that have improved our patient care experience.

The first of these initiatives is fall prevention. Our ICU could not consistently keep our patient fall rate at or close to zero. Our Charge RNs started rounding each shift to ensure bed alarms and Posey alarms were on and in place. They also used this time to introduce themselves to patients and families. This rounding and consistent use of bed alarms has helped contribute to a statistical significant decrease in our ICU patient fall rate.

Another initiative that our Charge RNs have spearheaded is our continued efforts to keep our ICU patients’ skin healthy. The Charge RNs have teamed with our CNAs to help with patient turns every two hours. The emphasis has been on the first and last turn of the shift since these are the times that the RNs are busiest.

In addition to helping our ICU run smoothly, our Charge RNs support our nurses, CNAs, secretaries, and MDs to ensure patients have everything they need. Our charge RNs respond to almost every emergency in the hospital. This team attends traumas, CPRs, RRTs, stroke alerts, code whites, code pinks, and more. The charge team is also called to help with blood administration, use of warmers, chest tubes, and IV starts at night. This team is invaluable to our hospital.

Thanks to each and every one of our ICU charge RNs for making our ICU run smoothly and ensuring our patients have the best experience possible. You are an incredible team!