The Honor Walk Team
August 2020
Honor Walk Team
at Lakewood Regional Medical Center
Intensive Care Unit
Lakewood Regional Medical Center
United States
Mariana Quijano RN,
Rajessah Thevarajah RN,
Candy Romero RN,
Ruel Calungsod RN




Oftentimes we as nurses are left feeling helpless at the loss of our patients. That is most evident in the critical care setting where you tend to form a bond with both patient and family. In an effort to address the growing need for organ donation the ICU team wanted to do something that highlighted the unselfish act of organ donation while still valuing the life of the donor and the dignity and sorrow of the surviving family.

The ICU staff had the unfortunate task of witnessing their very young patient be declared brain dead and the family's devastation. They wanted to take action and they did so through the formation of "The Honor Walk".

Although there was nothing they could have done physically to soothe the grief of this family during this tragic loss, they decided to give honor to the patient's family for donating their loved one's organs through "The Honor Walk". The ICU staff recognized this young lady was a wife, mother, sister, and friend to several people. They worked very closely with One Legacy and coordinated the Walk on the day the patient was to be transferred to a One Legacy Hospital for organ donation. Four incredible nurses led the team in organizing the honor. Without a doubt, they went above and beyond to ensure this was done with compassion and great respect for the patient and family.

The ICU team coordinated uniforms, they made a video, searched for the perfect song to fit the occasion presented the flag to the family before departure and a week later they created a "professional" scrapbook and had all of the ICU and some of the Lakewood staff sign it and mailed it with the video to the family. We know how special nurses can be but these four individuals exhibited the extraordinary side of this noble profession. It is an honor to present The DAISY Team Award to Ruel Calungsod, Candy Romero, Jessa Thevarajah, and Mariana Quijano.