May 2017
The Homeland-Caring and Healing Team
at Dingell VAMC
RNs and more
Hospice/Rehabilitation/ Short Stay Skilled Unit
John D. Dingell VAMC
United States




I was told that my husband needed to be admitted to A5 South and at the time I was not ready to make that move, but I did for the wellbeing of my husband. The first few days were a nightmare for me as my husband had no idea where he was and did not want me to leave his side. The first night I will never forget Kelly coming into his room and telling me to go down the hall and get some sleep and she would stay with my husband. She was so kind to both of us and she was sincere. As time went on I found each and every nurse who works on A5 South to be the same way, they all treated my husband and me like family and treated my husband with the utmost respect.

When my husband had to have a procedure there was Patrick, Lilli, and Rom at his side to ensure that everything went smoothly. At different times the staff has invited me to join them while they were having lunch; now this is not the norm of any hospital. Instead of feeling very alone on a holiday I felt like I was with my family; they all go over and above what is expected of them.

They all have smiles on their faces when at times I’m sure they would like to be somewhere else. With all my heart you could not get a better staff anywhere. I hope in return they are treated with respect and the proper people at the VA realize how valuable they all are to A5 South. The wonderful care my husband is receiving has been so kind; this kindness has shown not only my husband and me but to all families as well.

Team Members:

Michael Lundy, Clinical Nurse Manager

Evelyn Buenaflor

Michael Del Oeste

Youlana Piscopo

Lillibeth Pinga

Fritz Brillantes

Catherine Gallo

Bernard Marquillero

Tammy Galloway

Ponnamma Kurian

Noel Hijalda

Arlene Sucaldito

Jusema Fantillo

Erma Lim

Christy Akinyele

Cynthia Robbins

Vivian Ngwa

Chad Norton

Kelly Hartbarger

Marcia Davis

Ann Vizina

Patrick Bedayo

Romulo Almario

Debra Tocco

Edwina Lee

Felicidad Lemmer

Miriam Palmore

Crystal Bobbitt

Shamika Haley

Marqui Anderson