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Home Care and Hospice at Colquitt Regional Medical Center

Home Care and Hospice
Colquitt Regional Medical Center
Moultrie, Georgia
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Dr. Billy Ray Price; Dr. Robert Spruill; Dr. Woodwin Weeks; Arena, Nicole, PT; Shana Rae Wertz; Barber, Lowindy; Kautzman, Nancy, RN; Dauphin, Jessica L, RN; Barge, Maxine; Davis, James, PTA; Carter, Ashley, RN; Deloach, Morgan, RN; Clayton, Jaimee; Faircloth, Anna, OT; Friedlander, Cheryl; Griffin, Breanna V; Gamble, Cynthia; Hale, Cynthia, RN; Hayden, Mary L; Hinson, Rachel Lynn; Hayes, Macy; Hurst, Elaine; Johnson, Christie, RN; Lamon, Debra H, RN; Long, Janna, RN; Littleton, Leann, RN; Marion, Rebecca, RN; Meads, Phyllis D; Mims, Rebecca J, LPN; Moorman, Vera; Myrick, Joshua; Odom, Brenda, RN; Richter, Connie; Pearce, Michelle; Shivers, Alex; Plymel, Jessica, RN; Taylor, Amanda; Ramos, Medardo; Woods, Wayne A; Redding, Debbie; Ward, Hugh; Smith, Vickie L; Taylor, Megan; Taylor, Morgan W, RN; Varnadoe, Beth; Wisham, Pam, RN; Williams, Retha; Blackwell, Sandra G; Bonner, Keshuna T; Swanson, Tamela; Causey, Wendy; Bridges, Mary E; Maxwell, Cathy; Crosby, Stephanie; Daniels, Bertha M; Peavy, Kimberly; Cummings, Charlene E; Daniels, Vickie; Smith, Brenda; Dodson, Sharron R; Gay, Taylor E; Farrell, Jasmine M; Godwin, Anne R; Holland, Patricia, RN; Hayes, Ester F; Johnson, Marie N; Hurst, Jenna M; Madison, Toni; Mallard, Melody L; Roseborough, Brenda K; Riles, Shantae N; Sailor, Classie; Tyre, Gaenelle; Warren Wanda; Burton, Jessica; Williams, Gwendolyn D

When working in Home Health/Hospice, the nurses leave the office each day to take care of our patients regardless of weather conditions – 100 degrees in the summer, freezing in the winter or pouring down rain. They also work in environments that often, are almost uninhabitable, some with no air conditioning or very little heat.

Safety on the job is taught and encouraged, but they are never guaranteed what might lie ahead as they make their home visits.

Even with all the obstacles they face each day, they are dedicated to providing exceptional, loving care to all of our patients. Each day they also support the caregivers and family members of our patients as they play an extremely important part of the patients’ healing process. Almost every day, I hear one of the staff members mention that they picked up a milkshake, biscuit, or a meal for a patient, paying for it out of their own pockets because they care.

Our Social Workers work diligently to find ways to have wheelchair ramps built, securing food for those without, and even funding for an air conditioner or heater.

It takes very special people to work in Home Care Services. Each day the employees drive away to start their day, the unknown lies ahead.

We love our patients and they are dear to us. After caring for patients in their homes, they become family. And we believe in treating them like family.