Holly Letterman

Holly Letterman

Holly Letterman, RN, BSN

Ambulatory Infusion Center
Cox Medical Center Branson
Branson, Missouri
United States

My son was hurt in a baseball accident. He suffered several jaw/mouth injuries, one of which included biting through his tongue. He needed several stiches to close it up. As a result of the trauma to his tongue, his tongue swelled up larger than a lemon. Dr. B sent us to infusion for fear of dehydration, as well as steroids for swelling and antibiotics. At infusion we met a cheerful, helpful, caring and truly genuine Holly! She was instantly so concerned about my son. She could instantly relate to our situation because her son plays baseball as well. She did all she could to make sure my son was comfortable while he was there for his 5 days.

I mentioned to Holly that I was only able to get little bits of fluid in him using a tiny syringe and squirting the little bit of fluids I could fit in his mouth to keep it moist. Holly found some very large syringes that became more helpful than you could imagine. As the swelling went down I was able to feed him Ensure shakes with those syringes. She also found these little sponges on sticks: they helped me be able to keep his mouth moist as the swelling was going down. My son used them to brush his teeth too because he couldn’t fit a toothbrush in there for quite some time. I really could go on and on about how wonderful she was to my and our family during our time with her.

It was truly a very scary situation for us and I will be forever thankful for Holly’s care, concern, helping ideas and tools, and so much more! She is one of a kind!