Hollie Bishop

Hollie Bishop

Hollie Bishop, RM

Post Natal Ward
Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust
Leeds, West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
From the moment Hollie sat alongside me, giving me her unlimited attention, I felt secure and supported.

This is my nomination for an amazing member of your staff who made a significant improvement to my emotional wellbeing during my time on the post-natal ward.

In March, I delivered our second bundle of joy and soon after spent some time on the post-natal ward. Little M was having on and off troubles with his breastfeeding and due to a very traumatic feeding experience with our first (understatement), my emotional well-being was suffering.

Hollie had received an informed handover of my care before introducing herself to me at the start of her shift. Her demeanour was so warm and welcoming. I was instantly at ease with her and a rapport was soon to follow. As I needed support later in the evening, Hollie just appeared and sat with me, uninterrupted, and fully focused on my needs. Although she had no experience of breastfeeding, her clear experience as a Midwife shone through and she was able to talk to me in a manner that was relatable, supportive, and uplifting. Gone was the technical jargon and 'script' of 'how to...' from breastfeeding guides. Instead of what I had heard many times, was Hollie, who sat adjacent to me in the middle of the night for as long as I needed to talk to me as a friend/mother would do. She stayed until she helped me to regain my confidence and hope. Her manner alone empowered me to have the skills and mental outlook to continue.

Overall, I would like to praise and thank Hollie for being a genuine human being (no fakery in her professionalism); allowing her professional self to adopt a personable approach to comfort and empower new mums. This is key. If a mother feels that the advice and help is just 'textbook' it can have a negative effect if long term the woman is not built up from the inside out. From the moment Hollie sat alongside me, giving me her unlimited attention, I felt secure and supported.

Sadly, M is now bottle fed due to milk intolerance and reflux issues, but I would never have persisted, nor left the unit empowered if it were not for Hollie.

Please, please pass on my genuine, heartfelt thanks to her. She is a credit to the Trust with her interpersonal and communication skills being outstanding, allowing her to be a FANTASTIC MIDWIFE!