Holli Bingle
August 2020
Float Staff
Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast
Miramar Beach
United States




Holli is a nurse in the Radiology Department at Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital in Miramar Beach, Florida. I discovered that I had been scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy on Thursday. I had just been notified that another doctor was also attempting to schedule me for a liver biopsy. On the phone, I was being passed from department to department. I met Holli and she said that she would be on the alert for my liver biopsy. The bone marrow biopsy was moved because another patient's needs were more pressing than mine. Holli informed me that the liver biopsy had been submitted to my doctor, and she inquired as to the best date to schedule it. I suggested a day and Holli was somehow able to work me in.

I met Holli in person when I was passed to radiology after the bone marrow biopsy was completed. There was a four-hour wait for my 11:00 am liver biopsy. Holli was non-stop. She prepared the room, the supplies and me. Though she was in constant motion as well as working on the phone and the computer, she also explained everything that I wanted to know (many questions), took me to the bathroom multiple times, and kept me from doing a few foolish things. When the ultrasound nurses arrived, Holli kicked it into another gear, overseeing the entire process and ensuring that the necessary preparation for the doctor's arrival was complete. It was clear that Holli has an excellent professional and personal relationship with her peers: mutual respect is essential to being a highly effective professional. When the doctor arrived, things stepped up to another level. The doctor did an excellent job: he took his time, explaining everything as he proceeded. When he completed the biopsy, he gave his final directives. Great job and he was gone. Holli followed the doctor's instructions, and she explained in detail what the doctor had done, and she explained my next steps. She moved at a consistent pace, and she handled everything in proper order until all was completed. Holli had contacted my ride an hour in advance and when we had four minutes to pick-up, we were on our way to the front door. I was gone. Holli is so good that she makes it look easy, like it all just happens by itself as if anyone could step into her shoes at any given time and everything will run the same. WRONG. For things to proceed like this, with a full explanation of each step in the process while executing them flawlessly, requires a consummate professional. That is a person who is thoroughly knowledgeable in her nursing and hospital responsibilities and expectations. Simultaneously, that person must be able to manage all of these matters as well as process the interruptions without losing her place or the workflow.

Lastly, Holli is a professional who adds the warmth and kindness that makes a person feel that this hospital is different, that they really care about me, the patient. I'm not just a case number. I have value and worth. I matter. Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital has many excellent nurses, but Holli is in a class all her own. She is a high-quality person of integrity and professionalism. She takes the sting out of having to be in the hospital and she makes a person feel safe and secure during the entire event, and that helps one heal faster and better. How do I know that Holli is consistently this good? Because another old man like me came in just as I was leaving and Holli treated him with the same professionalism mixed with the grace, dignity, kindness, and enthusiasm that she had shown me. This is not an act or a facade: this is Holli in action. It's who she is. She is a superior nurse, and she is an even better person. Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital does not have a better representative of its medical, professional, and humanitarian aspirations. Holli Bingle is a DAISY Nurse with every patient.