Helen Sullivan

Helen Sullivan, RN, CCRN

Trauma/Surgery ICU
Harborview Medical Center, UW Medicine
Tampa, Florida
United States

Helen Sullivan ~ Helen has been a nurse at HMC for many years. She is a caring, competent, respectful staff member. She advocates for her patients and their families, she has been involved in the patient family visiting process group and she makes sure that families participate as much as possible, feel involved in the care of their loved one and also are included in the patient care. She is a very strong nurse who has been a clinical resource to our unit, other ICUs, and the OR. I hope she will get the award.

I have worked with Helen for many years and since the day I began at Harborview, she has been a mentor, a patient advocate, a friend, and someone who sees patients holistically. Helen gives 100% as charge, she does not cut corners, she teaches, and if she does not know the answer, you can bet she will find out and share her results with everyone so that all will know what she now knows. She treats her patients with respect, dignity, and a caring proficiency that is unmatched. She gives people the benefit of the doubt, is one to look at both sides of disagreement, and will logically try different avenues even if her first instinct is to disagree. She is willing to do things she does not necessarily like as long as it’s for the good of the patient. She has an extraordinary sense makes even the grumpiest of coworkers smile. She works hard and does not leave things unfinished despite her exhaustion. She is truly a DAISY Award winner in every category and I would love to see her recognized for her magnificent contributions t the TSICU and for the work she doe for all our patients in the unit.