Hector Alonso

Hector Alonso

Hector Alonso, RN

Trauma and Surgical Intensive Care Unit
University Medical Center (TX)
Lubbock, Texas
United States

Hector Alonso, RN, created a life-long bond with a family of a dying patient in the Trauma and Surgical Intensive Care Unit. "My father was in a motorcycle accident that left him with severe brain injuries. Due to massive bleeding in the brain, Dad was essentially brain dead. We decided to remove life support and were waiting on my sister to arrive before we did so. On that last day, Hector was our nurse (or "angel" as our family likes to call him).

Hector went beyond his job description and became a gift to our family. He told me, "While I am here, your Dad is like my baby. I will take care of him the best I can. If he needs his eyes wiped, I will do it. If he looks uncomfortable, I will move him. He is my baby today." And he was. Hector watched his monitors, and my Dad, closely all day. He made sure Dad was comfortable. Hector helped our family by getting us a private room, explaining everything, and getting us anything we might need. Hector did not leave when his shift was over that day. He stayed until my dad had died and it was all over. He didn't want to leave us, or my dad, until his job was done. He was certainly a blessing to us at the most difficult time in our lives."

This is just one example of how Hector goes above and beyond for his patients and their families every day. He lives the principles "Service is Our Passion" with enthusiasm and charisma. Thank you Hector for providing our patients with excellent care! We are proud to honor Hector Alonso, RN with the DAISY Award. Congratulations!