Hector Aleman

Hector Aleman

Hector Aleman, MSN, RN

MedSurg 5
Homestead Hospital
Homestead, Florida
United States

MS5 had an elderly patient with severe trigeminal nerve pain near and around the jaw. Pain medication was not effective in relieving the pain, therefore the patient was continually moaning and groaning in response to the pain. The patient's daughter exhibited agitated behavior due to home eviction and her mother's condition. An order was placed for the patient to be transferred to Doctor's Hospital for a gamma knife procedure. The daughter "hit" the roof; she began yelling at the RN and disturbing other patients and family members. Hector and I went to speak with the daughter.

The daughter stated numerous times that "we" just wanted to get rid of her mother and that is why her mother was being sent to Doctor's Hospital. It was finally determined that the daughter had a negative experience at Doctor's Hospital when her father had previously been admitted there. While I spoke to the daughter, Hector began stroking the patient's hair. He did this for approximately 20 minutes.

As I was speaking to the daughter, I noted that the sound in the room had changed - groans and moans of pain were absent. The patient was sleeping peacefully. This restful sleep was due to Hector's holistic approach. Hector repeatedly checked on the patient and her daughter throughout the week - performing service recovery - through commitment and dedication to excellence. Additionally, his approach to the patient and daughter was caring and compassionate (especially the hair stroking), and it fostered an environment that was kind and culturally sensitive.

Hector is competent and professional in all matters related to BHSF - and not only is he skilled and knowledgeable in the clinical aspects of nursing, but he is skilled and knowledgeable in guest/patient/family relations.