Heather Willoughby

Heather Willoughby

Heather Willoughby, RN

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Sun City West, Arizona
United States
Heather started to explain exactly what M's issues were and what they were doing for him.

My brother, M, was admitted to your hospital in poor shape.  The entire staff is outstanding, and I could not ask for a better place for my brother to be while his health is failing.

What really stands out at your hospital for me and my family is the compassion that your staff has, not just for my brother but for us, the family.  We are not doctors or nurses and really did not understand M's health issues, but all the staff took the time to explain each procedure, medication and what was going on with M's care.  I will not go through everything but M's organs shut down and had tubes and monitors all over and when my mother had seen her son in this much of a health crisis, it tore her apart.  That's when Matt's compassion stepped in, this is something you can't teach in medical school.  We just arrived from the airport and did not know what to expect when we walked into M's room.  Matt took the time to comfort my mother who is 84 and has health issues herself.

This is when Heather started to explain exactly what M's issues were and what they were doing for him.  A parent is not supposed to outlast their children but, the sight of M in that bed was what we were thinking.  My mother wanted to stay with her son as much as she could, so she took the night shift, sleeping at M's side from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am each night talking and giving the comfort only a mother can.  I was worried about my mother's health staying overnight at the hospital until I started talking to many of the other staff in the department.  They assured me that she would be just fine and they will also watch over her during this time.  Each day when shift change over, I was there and they exchanged with each other everything that happened to M during their shift.

The care that was given to my brother is the best I have ever seen.  I hope I am never in this much of medical need, but your hospital is the place I would want to be.  M is still in serious condition, but I know he is getting the best care possible.