Heather Vines

Heather Vines

Heather Vines, RN BSN

Centennial Medical Center
Frisco, Texas
United States

...My Mother-In-Law was admitted through the Centennial ER last Friday night. She had fallen and broken her hip. She was treated by your staff and subsequently released and went home on Sunday afternoon. She passed away on Monday evening.

I am writing to express my family's deep appreciation for the care your staff rendered to her. From arrival in the ER to her discharge we were very pleased with the compassion, professionalism and sense of urgency your staff displayed in treating her and making her comfortable. They were all also considerate of the family's needs and concerns.

We have our highest praise and appreciation for Heather Vines the RN who cared for her during the day shift. She was very responsive to both her and the family demonstrating what was obviously a deep caring and compassionate style in taking care of her as well as clinical skills that were very comforting to the family as we watched her conscientiously go about her work. In fact we felt like Heather was treating her the same way she would her own grandmother.