Heather Shields

Heather Shields

Heather Shields, RN

Seton Medical Center Williamson
Round Rock, Texas
United States

Heather has been a standout perioperative nurse for many years. She can handle any level of acuity any day of the week. Today was an example of how great she is. I brought a very sick COPD patient intubated to the recovery room. The patient was awake but not breathing well enough to be extubated at that time. It wasn't even her patient and she immediately jumped in and helped. Heather never needs to be asked to do anything, she always initiates activities on her own.

After the patient was extubated, Heather made all the appropriate follow-up arrangements for continuous pulse oximetry and respiratory therapy treatments. Anytime I bring Heather a high acuity patient, I feel a sense of relief because I know that patient is receiving top level care.

Heather truly goes above and beyond, day after day, and is very deserving of the DAISY Award.