Heather Epperson

Heather Epperson

Heather Epperson, RN, BC

Medical Telemtry
CHI Franciscan Health - St. Clare Hospital (WA)
Lakewood, Washington
United States

Heather's interactions with staff throughout St Clare Hospital are top-notch with every single interaction. She always exhibits a kind attitude towards patients, visitors, and staff. Heather is always willing to help you in any way necessary. When looking at Heather, you will always see a smile on her face - she shows that she is happy and always eager to please. She is continually compassionate in her every interaction.

Her peers in Med-Tele consider her an anchor on the unit. When she is in charge, the unit runs smoothly, regardless of the situations at hand. Her calm demeanor transfers to her staff - every day with Heather is a good day! Even when Heather is working on the floor and NOT in charge, her peers know that she is always available to them as a resource, a shoulder to lean on, and as a friend.

Heather's patients - and their visitors - have had many exceptional experiences with her care. One memorable encounter was with a patient who was actively dying. The patient was homeless, as were many of his visitors. Heather made it a priority to not only ensure that the patient was in the utmost comfort, but also that his visitors had everything they needed as well to remain comfortable during their precious remaining time with this patient. She ensured that there were always pillows, blankets, coffee, and food available to them during their visits. Her actions of going the "extra-mile" did not go unnoticed.

Heather always embodies the Franciscan RICE values of reverence, integrity, compassion, & excellence. We are so blessed to have her on our team!